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Our Success Stories

“When I first came to Brannon Family Chiropractic, it was for pain in my back, neck, and hips I had suffered from for several years. I had been hit by a car on my bike, had several wrecks, and I also lean and stretch over patients all day at work.

As a result of my care at Brannon Family Chiropractic, my wreck inflicted issues have been fixed and my work inflicted issues have been managed.

I had seen other chiropractors in town, but the staff at BFC is loads better than that other office. I like that I feel at home in the family-oriented office.

JUST GO! I am nearly constantly nagging co-workers to come for an adjustment!”

-Emily U.

“I first came into Brannon Family Chiropractic because of my lower back pain that I had suffered with for 4-6 months.

I was treated great by the staff. I like that the doctors have a real concern for my pain level. I also enjoy massages.

I would absolutely recommend the doctors at Brannon Family Chiropractic!”

-Shannon D.

“I got pregnant in November and started suffering from lower back pain a few months later, so I became a patient at Brannon Family Chiropratic. 

The staff is amazing! I have had an easier pregnancy as a result of treatment. I would recommend the  doctors at Brannon Family Chiropractic because they know what they are doing. They treat their patients with personal and specified care.”

-Hannah T.