Bailey O.

“I started coming to Brannon Family Chiropractic less than 6 months ago and it has easily been the best decision I have ever made. After watching me in agonizing pain almost daily, two of my coworkers recommended I see Dr. Lindsay for a consultation. The pains I would feel in my stomach were so intense that I could do nothing but cry. When I would have “an attack”, as I called them, I could not move, stand, walk, or really do anything except sit completely still and cry. Nothing would alleviate my symptoms and it was the most miserable experience ever. I had been in and out of doctor’s offices doing blood work and all kinds of tests trying to figure out what was wrong and how I could manage my symptoms. I was on medication to try and help with my stomach issues, but nothing helped when an “attack” would hit. Before I started coming to Brannon Family Chiropractic, I was convinced that my life was going to be a daily struggle. I had accepted the horrible ways I had been feeling for over two years, even though I was always in an immense amount of pain. I had no idea how much my life would change in the coming months.”

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