Virginia D

I originally started coming to Brannon Family Chiropractic due to trouble walking that was coming from my low back. However, I have also been taking migraine medication for 20 years and never thought that coming in for care with neck and back adjustments would get me completely off of migraine medication!!

Since starting care at Brannon Family Chiropractic, I am now able to walk completely pain free, and I have not used migraine medication in 8 weeks. the migraine medication I was taking would help with migraines, but also had terrible side effects that I no longer have to deal with. I cannot remember the last time I had a true migraine since starting care. They were so severe that I would have to completely stop what I was doing until I could manage it hours later.

Advice I would give to someone with a similar problem is to give chiropractic a try. This has truly been life changing!!

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