Leslee S.

“I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression my entire life. After having my daughter (add lots of new mom concerns and uncertainties) and a job as an educator, my stress and anxiety settled in my neck and shoulders. This created endless headaches and sleep issues. The headaches made me miss out on numerous things and I felt bad all over (mentally and physically). My neck and shoulders became so tight, it affected by posture and overall health.

Dr. Lindsay is my miracle worker. I have maintained and continued seeing her because my overall health has improved. My anxiety still exists and depending on life can cause flare ups, but Dr. Lindsay has given me exercises to help relieve the tightness and pressure. I do still get a headache from time to time but other elements factor into it. Overall, I feel so much better.

The advice I would give to someone with a similar problem is to seek a physician’s advice, but for me maintaining my bi-monthly visits, talking with Dr. Lindsay about my issues or concerns, and being aware of things I can do to relieve my stress has greatly lowered my anxiety and the physical issues it creates.”

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