Lisa H.

“When I started at Brannon Family Chiropractic, my hips were hurting so bad and I had such difficulty walking that I thought I needed 2 hip replacements. By the time I got home at night I could barely make it to feed my cat using a cane and umbrella to make it through the house. Two of my friends were coming to Dr. Lindsay and convinced me to come see her before pursuing surgical options. I had already done everything I could think of to change my lifestyle and it helped a bit, but the pain and mobility issues were still overwhelming.

Since my initial visit and x-rays, my life has changed dramatically. I am healthier now than I can remember. Many of my maintenance reports are “no symptoms” since the previous visit and the days I have any pain at all are so infrequent I have trouble recalling them. Dr. Lindsay and the BFC staff are so encouraging and share so much educationally about how to move and how to protect ourselves along with what to do to prevent issues and how to deal with pain when it does appear.

The advice I would give to someone with a similar problem is to CALL NOW – don’t hesitate. I can walk fast, run, twirl and do any activities I want without pain or limitation of mobility and I feel like myself again. My personality came back – only I’m better than before since Dr. Lindsay and the BFC family continue to educate me on how to PLAN to live a healthy life, how to be aware when something is a little off, and to call for help and know they will take care of you! Just because you’re not in pain doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy; so don’t wait until you are in pain like I did. Life is good and it’s even better when you’re a part of the BFC family because you know they will help you stay on track to enjoy a good life!”

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