High blood pressure started to be a serious issue for me once I got into upper management.  Constantly moving and inspecting machinery within the facility, mental stresses from trying to optimize certain processes, and the unrelenting drive to maximize output caught up with me quickly and eventually became overwhelming.  Over time, this cycle took a significant toll on my health.  I was constantly fatigued, short of breath, headaches, blurry vision and so on, making it near impossible to not only do my job adequately but also to enjoy my hobbies. I was prescribed medication to combat these symptoms and to regain a sense of normalcy in my life.  The medication helped to an extent, but I still had random spells that always left me with thoughts of something dire in the back of my mind.

After an unfortunate setback in November, I gave Dr. O’Nan and the wonderful BFC staff a call to get me moving again.  However, to my surprise not only am I getting back on the right track from the issue that I initially called for, but most, if not all, of the symptoms that I have experienced from my high blood pressure have seemingly gone away.  My medication intake has been cut in half and the energy that I am able to expend throughout the day seems limitless.  There is still no hope for my golf game, but to be able to drive the ball down the fairway, to exercise with the intensity that I used to without a constant fear of something happening, to pass ball with my son or even as simple as striking a few licks on the guitar have brought me so much joy that I have missed for far too long.  I cannot thank Dr. O’Nan and her skilled staff enough for what they have been able to do for me and finally helping me LIVE life once again!!

If someone is experiencing high blood pressure, the first thing that I would highly recommend is to reach out to Dr. O’Nan and see if she can do the same for you that she has done for me.  I can honestly say that since I started coming to Brannon Family Chiropractic, it is the most at peace I have been, both mentally and physically, in an extremely long time.