Patient of the Month

Each month, we will highlight a different concern or condition that chiropractic care can help!

Ashley MApril 2021
Energy – Ashley M.

“I originally had a few problems before coming to BFC. I had severe neck pain, frequent headaches, and constant exhaustion. Before care, I was tired all of the time, regardless of the amount of sleep I got the night before. I had to take frequent naps – and when I say naps, I mean 3–4-hour naps. Even then, I would wake up exhausted.

Beyond alleviating my neck pain, BFC has helped me gain back some time in my life. I did not realize how unproductive a person can be when they are tired all of the time. Naps, especially 4-hour ones, can really cut a day short. Since seeking treatment, I have regained so much of my energy and I have come to realize that feeling bad is not a way of life. I feel like a brand-new version of myself!

I originally sought out treatment for my neck pain; however, it was the other background symptoms that are really affecting my life and well-being. If you feel worn-out and exhausted most of the time, it is likely a problem beyond just life wearing you down.

My advice would be to not just accept exhaustion as a part of life and instead seek out answers that could resolve this problem. BFC can help!”

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