Patient of the Month

Each month, we will highlight a different concern or condition that chiropractic care can help!

December 2018
Newborn Latching When Nursing – Hanneh A.

“I originally came to BFC because my 6 month old was not latching to my right breast when nursing and I had to use a nipple shield for the left. It was very frustrating because I was unable to feed her unless I was sitting up in my rocking chair at home. When leaving my house, I HAD to have a bottle with me to feed in public. It made life stressful and I was depressed. I felt like a bad mom because I couldn’t produce for my daughter. Now, I can feed her anywhere and not stress about milk and having a bottle with me.

Just after that first adjustment, she INSTANTLY latched on the right and no longer wants to use the nipple shield. This has changed my life because I am no longer restricted to nursing in the nursery at night. I can bring her back to bed with me, where we can both relax and get better rest.

I would suggest seeking care to anyone with a similar issue. Being able to feed my child has strengthened our bond and I wish I had come in sooner!!”

November 2018
Bladder Problems – Shirley L.

“I originally came to BFC with shoulder, back and neck pain from a car accident I was in. I had to cut back on things I loved, like gardening and mowing. But mostly importantly, I couldn’t play with my grandkids anymore!

Since starting care, not only has my pain lessened, but my bladder issues have improved as well. I can go out of the house now. No more uncomfortable and embarrassing accidents! I am off medication and the problem is NOT a problem anymore! IT’S AMAZING!

Give it a try. It has worked for me. It just may help you enjoy your life a little more. Not worrying about going out with the bladder problem means I’m more relaxed and get to enjoy my time!”

October 2018
Pregnancy – Aletha C.

“I started coming to BFC because I was having the usual back pain, hip pain and constant need to go to the bathroom during my pregnancy.

With coming regularly, it helped keep the baby’s head down and eased back and hip discomfort. My births were so easy because my pelvis and spine were aligned!! Six hours from the first contraction to the birth!

Our family rarely goes to the medical doctor. Mostly just for checkups, but we come to BFC every month. The kids get help with ear infections or if they fell off a chair awkwardly. My husband gets help with neck and shoulder pain from crouching at the computer and I get care for bad posture from breastfeeding or back aches from carelessly picking up the baby too quickly.

Stay on the offensive with your health both during and post pregnancy by coming to get adjusted. And bring the whole family along once the baby arrives! Prevention is always the best remedy!”

September 2018
Headaches – Mike P.

“I have had headaches associated with neck pain for several years. It stopped me from enjoying doing yard work and everyday activities with my family.

Since the beginning of my treatment plan I have noticed far less neck pain and I hardly ever have headaches anymore. I’m able to work outside again and enjoy doing it.

Come and see the doctors here at BFC. They know what they’re doing! They have made such a positive difference in my life!“

August 2018
Tinnitus – Adam G.

“Over the past 10 years of my life I have tolerated the constant ringing in my left ear that is called tinnitus. I have also suffered from hearing loss in that ear. This condition is so severe that has affected my sleep cycles and everything bad that comes from not getting quality sleep.

Since the beginning of my care I have noticed that my hearing in my left ear is starting to come back, as well as being able to get a good nights sleep. My care has led to more restful nights and being able to better deal with my condition. I can now hear people at the mall that I was unable to do before without the ringing.

Go see your friendly Brannon Family Chiropractic physicians!”


July 2018
Anxiety – Jennifer M.

“I’ve been a patient at BFC for several years, they have helped my aging back stay healthy. An incidental remark to Dr. Kasik before treatment one afternoon changed my life! I was facing a road trip out of town for the first time in several years and I confessed to her that I was terrified to go. I was practically paralyzed with the fear of driving a long distance into a large city on my own. I was a mess! (What I didn’t say was that I had cancelled a trip one year prior due to the same fear) Her gentle reply was that chiropractic has been known to help with anxiety and just like that, it did!

That first adjustment was affective immediately! I walked to my car and felt excited about my upcoming adventure rather than terrified. I was able to make the trip, experience the conference and enjoy every minute of the journey. We have made “anxiety adjustments” a regular part of my visits to BFC, which helps me keep the darkness at bay. I still have moments of anxiety, because life is full of things, which can bring you down. Now I know how to combat those feelings. My outlook is much brighter.

Tell your chiropractor! Don’t suffer. Don’t seek “medication”. Don’t live in fear of living! Get an adjustment and get on with a happy life!”

May 2018
Horseback Riding – Autumn C.

“I originally came in for poor posture and neck pain. I had problems sleeping and engaging poorly in the saddle while riding since my hips were uneven. This affected my life negatively for sleep and when trying to excel in dressage riding. I was always stiff, hard on my body, could feel myself slouching and leaning in the saddle.”

Since coming to BFC I’ve noticed a huge change in posture and standing up straight. It’s easy now! I have more balance and connection in the saddle and a happier horse!

Listen to you body. Stretch and ice as much as possible while going to the chiropractor. I was clueless on how my body was hurting until I came to BFC.”

April 2018
Visual Acuity – Miles J.

“I originally came in for horrid pain in my back and hip. I almost could not get out of bed on my own. I was worried that I may have to get a wheel chair. Standing up was the worst.

Since beginning care I am getting my mobility back. The pain has been greatly reduced. It has given me a new outlook on my daily routine and life. Amazingly enough my vision has improved as well! I am able to read street signs during the day and night much better than I have in the past two years! It is less of a struggle now and helpful as an art teacher to see better again!

You can’t go on forever with the pain. There is relief with the right treatment and changes at home as well!”

March 2018
Autism – Polly’s Mom

“We came to BFC seeking help for our 10-year-old daughter who would complain about pain in her belly every day. It affected her every day life, school, physical activities and her mood.

Only after a few visits we noticed that our daughter would complain less about her stomach pain and she became more active and social. She had a better appetite and a better mood. Not only did it help her belly pain, but it was able to help with autism, her speech was much better as well as being social.

No child deserves to be in pain. That is why we chose to come to BFC!”

February 2018
Energy – Phyllis B.

“I had terrible neck, mid-back, and lower back pain which caused me to be unable to do many day-to-day chores and errands. I also seemed to be exhausted after just a few hours of work.

Since beginning treatment, I am able to do my chores without constant pain. I also have much more energy and I can actually breathe much better. I’ve been able to work in my flower garden for the first time in 2 years! AMAZING!!!

Please, please don’t suffer pain and fail to do the things you need to do or love to do because of it. You don’t have to miss out on life, it’s too short and precious to waste. Feel good again like I do!”

January 2018
Sleeping Problems – McKinley

“McKinley stopped sleeping through the night at around 11 weeks old and would NEVER nap through the day at all. She would be extremely fussy all day from being so tired, but just wouldn’t sleep.

Since starting care at BFC, she started sleeping through the night again and napping for a few hours daily. This has made for a much happier baby (and momma)!

I would highly suggest for everyone of any age to get adjusted! It will change your life and make for many more positive days!”

-McKinley’s Mom

December 2017
Shin Splints – Cindy D.

“I used to get shin splits any time I tried to run. It prevented me from running long distances or running without having to walk frequently. Any time I did try to push myself, I would be sore for days and unable to run multiple days in a row. I always wanted to run in races but was unable to.

Since seeking care at BFC, I have been able to increase my endurance because my shins no longer bother me at all! I have run in multiple races, even finishing 2nd in my age group for one of those races. I can run 3 days in a row with no pain in my shins, and run much farther than I ever thought I could.

I wish I had gotten chiropractic care sooner to help with this problem. I spent so much time in pain and sitting out races when I could have been enjoying myself. Its an easy fix to a problem that can really impact your daily life if ignored.”

November 2017
Dysphagia – James M.

“When I first came into BFC I couldn’t bend over fully, which caused problems with my job and everyday life. I wasn’t active with my child, I was performing poorly at work and spent the majority of my time on the couch. It would take me half an hour to just get out of bed to go to work, I would just push through the pain and did what I had to do to get through the day.

Since beginning care at BFC, I found out that all my problems were causing other issues, such as difficulty swallowing and choking. Just after TWO WEEKS, my low back felt like it did was I was 20 and it became easier to swallow without getting food stuck. Not only did BFC fix my back, they brought enjoyment back to eating, and took the fear away from choking! Without BFC I would still be in the same condition, mustering through the pain as I have for years.

Don’t hesitate! Get in and at least receive a consultation. Dr. Lindsay and the staff of BFC will definitely have you walking down the right path!”

October 2017
Injury Due To Imbalance – Taylor S.

“I had a microdiscectomy to correct a bulging disc 2 ½ years ago. A year later I tore my left Achilles, which put me in a boot. After fully recovering from my back surgery I now found myself standing out of alignment every day because the boot was 3 inches higher than any shoe. Not surprisingly, I returned to exercising when I got out of the boot, the back pain returned.

I am not through with my treatment plan yet and I have little to no back pain. I am working back in to running and crossfit carefully and it feels great. I am able to sit at work comfortably and pick up my daughter. Overall, I am in a much better place than when I first started.

Do not be reluctant to see a chiropractor like I was. I should have come in before my back started hurting. You do not have to feel pain before you know something is wrong. A lot of people get injured and don’t realize that you have to work even harder to recover. Chiropractic care is part of that recovery process and should be started ASAP!”

September 2017
Chronic Lower Back Pain – James S.

James S“Since I was young I have had terrible lower back pain, so much constant pain that simply touching it was excruciating. For the next 15 years I simply tried to ignore it and not let it affect my daily life, but my back would go out a few times a year.

Since beginning care at BFC my back gives me next to no trouble at all!!! I can go through my daily routines without the pain shutting me down. I can enjoy life in every aspect without the worry of how I’ll feel the next day or how long it will take me to recover.

Brannon Family Chiropractic has given me my life back! A life that I never knew existed because I had accepted pain as a normal aspect of daily living. You don’t have to live in pain, there are solutions, Brannon Family Chiropractic is mine!!!”

August 2017
Allergies – Laura M.

“When beginning care at BFC I had suffered from chronic allergies and multiple ear infections throughout my life. After trying multiple medications and home remedies my mom brought me to the chiropractor.

After beginning care the differences in my symptoms were almost immediate. I was breathing and sleeping better, I also felt like I had more energy, which made my summer break even more fun.

I would encourage anyone suffering from allergies, young or old, to visit the chiropractor. I’m proof that it does help.”

July 2017
Torticollis – Miles J.

Miles J“My name is Miles and I have suffered from a condition called torticollis since birth. Torticollis has made me see the world around me sideways, but after visiting BFC, I am seeing the world around me at a much better angle.

After just one visit at BFC I can move my head in ways that I have never been able to in my whole 9 months. My sleeping has improved as my muscles have relaxed and I can hold my head straight now so the world around me looks completely different.

I think every person, big or small, should visit the chiropractor; it really has changed my life and I’m sure it can change yours.”

June 2017
Balance Issues – Briggs C.

“After years of the usual remedy of pills, prescriptions, and multiple visits to doctor’s offices I had had enough. With references from 3 people who see the chiropractor, I scheduled with BFC.

The 1st visit was really getting to know me and get a good understanding on my issues (low back pain, neck pain, and balance issues). The staff really took their time in explaining all aspects of chiropractic care to me. The staff recommended a treatment plan specific to my problems and then wanted to check my progress.

At my first progress check the differences were amazing. I was experiencing lower levels of pain and had regained my balance. Now through regular maintenance care I have regained approximately 90% of my normal activities. I highly recommend anyone with similar issues to mine to try BFC, they don’t disappoint.”

May 2017
TMJ – Randy R.

“One evening last July, I experienced an acute case of TMJ following a simple yawn. Trying to close my mouth without severe discomfort was difficult. The right side of my jaw was very tender to the touch and my bite was off.

My first thought was to contact BFC. I had been a patient in the past and they always treated me as family and helped me live a better more comfortable life. After my first visit the pain was noticeably less and only a few subsequent visits and my pain was completely gone. I am happy to report that I have suffered no recurrence since.

I have been a long time believer in regular chiropractic care for optimal health. The care I have received from BFC and the staff have only served to reaffirm my conviction. I greatly appreciate the attention I receive each visit, whether I am being seen for a particular condition or simply health maintenance. My thanks for BFC and all the staff for the role each one has played in providing me the opportunity to enjoy a healthier life.”

April 2017
Flexibility – Brian B.

“Constant aching in my low back, shoulder, and hands led me to try chiropractic. With all the restricted motion and flexibility, I thought old age had finally crept up on me. My aches and pains kept me from playing at a high level of professional golf along with missing activities I enjoy with my wife; gardening, hiking, farming.

The most remarkable thing that I have found since beginning care is it wasn’t old age at all. Within my treatment plan all my discomfort has diminished, my range of motion is back to normal, and I am standing straighter than I have in a really long time. The enjoyment of my life has been given back to me not to mention an added 15yds to my golf swing. My focus has increased in professional golf because I can pay attention to my game instead of constantly thinking of the pain.

I would seek out chiropractic care first before seeing a general doctor to see if the relationship of your back and body can be taken care of holistically instead of simply treating the symptoms.”

March 2017
Whiplash – Vicky C.

vicky“I started care at BFC because of severe neck and shoulder pain that never seemed to ease up. I also couldn’t remember the last time that my head didn’t hurt due to the neck pain. The pain was very limiting not only at the gym but in my everyday tasks such as washing my hair or changing clothes.

After beginning care, I no longer feel the constant neck and shoulder pain. The daily headache is gone. I no longer stress about taking a shower because of the pain it will cause, and I’m no longer restricted to the type of exercises I do to strengthen my body. I feel amazing, the lack of pain has also renewed my energy levels.

I would advise anyone dealing with similar issues to seek out and make the time for the care. The education provided to me about my condition has been phenomenal! It has truly made a very large impact on how I feel, both physically and mentally. I can’t thank BFC enough.”

February 2017
Vertigo – Paula L.

paula-l“Coming to BFC I had a previous diagnosis of postural vertigo caused by allergies. MRI’s and CT’s ruled out any other cause of the dizziness. With occasional nausea associated with vertigo resulted in missed work and the inability to drive. The episodes where interfering with my life.

After beginning treatment, the episodes have almost completely stopped and with an adjustment I am immediately relieved on the spot. My lifestyle has completely changed with no worry of a surprise attack and days of me staying home. The lack of confidence and peace of mind have been eliminated by the fact that I chose BFC. I am so thrilled to have eliminated this problem. The staff at BFC were able to calm the fears I had when choosing this route of treatment.

People suffering from vertigo should make BFC their first choice when selecting a treatment. The education provided at BFC helps the patient understand your problem and all treatments. Don’t suffer another minute when you can be helped at BFC. You won’t be disappointed and you will feel better than you ever have in your life. I tell everyone that I meet about BFC. It’s true, their patients say they are the best”


January 2017
Loss of Energy – Paula B.

paula-b“My original complaint was pain, aching, discomfort between my shoulder blades, arms, hands, neck, and lower back. Constant discomfort was affecting every area of my life including my business. I was irritable, had no energy, couldn’t sleep but a few hours a night due to numbness and weakness in my arms and hands.

Since beginning care all my symptoms had been relieved. My irritability and depression have lifted, and I feel a great sense of wellbeing. I am no longer in pain and I am sleeping soundly throughout the night. The numbness in my arms and hands is gone and I am surprised at how much strength I have now. My energy levels are up and I am now getting things done that I have put off for way too long. I am a new person and I am enjoying my life again.

I would encourage anyone to seek help as you do not have to live in constant pain and irritability. I would recommend making an appointment with BFC. The staff is dedicated to helping everyone feel better and will listen carefully, and create the perfect plan of action specifically for your problem. You will feel right at home. Make an appointment now, it will change your life.”

December 2016
Low Back Pain – Brent S.

brent-s“Before BFC, bending over and standing up straight caused me tremendous pain in my low back. Every day activities were difficult to perform. After dealing with the pain for an extended time I decided to try chiropractic.

Since beginning care my life has changed only for the better. I am no longer in pain and I’m back to living my normal life. I can exercise again without excruciating pain.

After seeing my results my only advice to someone with the same condition is go to BFC, the staff are great, and it works.”

October 2016
Asthma – Dana H.

asthma-dana“Having asthma is a scary thing, one moment you are breathing fine and the next you are struggling to breathe. Medications, both long term and rescue inhalers, become a part of your daily life.

I found that I immediately began breathing normally when my spine was properly aligned. I can now tell when my next appointment is close due to labored breathing.

I have told my best friend about how chiropractic adjustments have helped me with my symptoms. I would recommend Brannon Family Chiropractic to anyone who has allergies or asthma to seek chiropractic care.”

September 2016
Scoliosis – Ashley D.


“After having 2 children my low back and neck pain became increasingly difficult to ignore. I had suffered from severe scoliosis for 25+ years it was so bad that I was required to wear a back brace as a child. Surgery was an option but I opted to live with the pain. It affected my daily life to the point that holding my children and sleeping were both problematic for me.

The staff here were careful to diagnose and suggest a treatment method for my condition, other offices I had been to had never given me hope to do more than mange my pain. After my 1st week of treatment, I noticed improvement in my muscle tenseness and sleeping pattern. 2 months into treatment my husband even commented on how he could see a visible improvement with the curve in my back. What I had lived with for so long had improved in only a matter of months.

I highly recommend BFC and am extremely grateful for the expertise and encouragement I have received along my path to a better quality of life. Life without constant pain can be and is a reality for me; with the help of this excellent staff.”

August 2016
Headaches – Caleb S.


“I had frequent headaches, they were really bad. Going in public was hard for me because crowded places were too loud. That made going places painful.

My headache attacks are rare now. Chiropractic has helped me out a lot. Now, I can go a lot of places I couldn’t go before.

For anyone suffering from headaches, I would tell them to come to BFC for help. I think they’d be helped.”

July 2016
Dysphagia – Danielle P.

Danielle-P“I had trouble swallowing for years. It didn’t matter if it was food or a drink; I often had to swallow more than once to get it down. I was constantly choking; it was very uncomfortable and sometimes a bit embarrassing.

After following the recommendations from the staff at BFC I can now eat and drink without the fear of choking. Now I’m no longer embarrassed out in public and I’m not spitting my drinks all over my dates.

In the beginning of my care I didn’t mention my symptoms to my doctor. I knew what I was experiencing wasn’t normal but it wasn’t until after my trouble swallowing went away that I learned what I had been experiencing for years is actually a disorder called dysphagia. Chiropractic adjustments will help with symptoms other than pain!!!”