Patient of the Month

Each month, we will highlight a different concern or condition that chiropractic care can help!

September 2020
Shoulder Pain – Ken T.

“I suffered a painful shoulder injury while riding bikes with my grandsons. It was extremely tender and had limited my ability to move my elbow above my shoulder. I sought the urgent treatment center since the office was not open at that time. I was improving until I re-injured it again three weeks later. I couldn’t lift anything or do anything of a physical nature.

Once coming back to BFC I had a regular appointment as well as got dry needled. My shoulder was hurting, and the needling hurt as well. However, after I was finished I finally was feeling a little relief. I came back a week later for another appointment for dry needling, that is when I started to have significant improvement from the pain and my life began to slowly return to a sense of normalcy.

I never had needling performed before, it gave me significant improvement in only two sessions. If anyone has doubts about the effectiveness of dry needling, I would certainly suggest that it’s worth your invest to give it a shot.”

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