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Leslie SJanuary 2022
Anxiety – Leslee S.


I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression my entire life. After having my daughter (add lots of new mom concerns and uncertainties) and a job as an educator, my stress and anxiety settled in my neck and shoulders. This created endless headaches and sleep issues. The headaches made me miss out on numerous things and I felt bad all over (mentally and physically). My neck and shoulders became so tight, it affected by posture and overall health.

Dr. Lindsay is my miracle worker. I have maintained and continued seeing her because my overall health has improved. My anxiety still exists and depending on life can cause flare ups, but Dr. Lindsay has given me exercises to help relieve the tightness and pressure. I do still get a headache from time to time but other elements factor into it. Overall, I feel so much better.


The advice I would give to someone with a similar problem is to seek a physician’s advice, but for me maintaining my bi-monthly visits, talking with Dr. Lindsay about my issues or concerns, and being aware of things I can do to relieve my stress has greatly lowered my anxiety and the physical issues it creates.”


GabbyDecember 2021
Migraines – Gabby R.


“When I started at Brannon Family Chiropractic, I had migraines that made me light sensitive and nauseous. I would usually have to call in to work or cancel plans and spend the rest of the day in bed.

I haven’t had a migraine since I started going to Brannon Family Chiropractic and followed their treatment plan for me. My energy and my posture have improved as well! I call in less and get to spend more time with family and friends. I don’t have to wonder when my next migraine will be.

The advice I would give to someone with a similar problem is to give chiropractic care a shot! I had a lot of skeptics in my life that said it wouldn’t help, but I’m so glad that I came to Brannon Family Chiropractic.


Jennifer CNovember 2021

Feeling Well Again – Jennifer C.



“It’s hard to pinpoint one problem. I hurt all over and I hurt all the time. I didn’t realize how much I hurt until I didn’t hurt any longer. My range of motion was terrible, I could barely look over my shoulder to back out of parking spaces and personal care activities were challenging. I thought my lower back was the biggest issue but my mid-back and neck were identified as problem areas, too.

I am shocked at how much better I feel, all day every day! I am able to move freely and easily. I’m driving safely, able to look over my shoulder to check for traffic. My posture is much improved. I’m sleeping better and feeling more positive and less stressed. I have dealt with plantar fasciitis for more than 10 years but after a few sessions of dry needling, I have significant relief from pain. I am able to be active again and am able to walk with my husband.

Advice I would give to someone is to follow the treatment plan and try new things. I wasn’t sure the Posture Pump would work, but I tried it and it’s helping significantly! I wasn’t sure about dry needling, but once I started having sessions I realized immediate pain relief and mobility improvement. I wasn’t sure about E-FlamX but I feel better head to toe after starting it. Our providers have your best interest at heart and they’re here to help you move from pain to pain-free.”


Ryan BOctober 2021
Anxiety & Stress Headaches – Ryan B.


“I had suffered with anxiety and stress headaches for many years. Multiple times a month I would have trouble sleeping and wake up with stress headaches from my neck to my forehead. I spent many days tired from lack of sleep or no sleep at all. The stress headaches would come on at all hours of the day and could ruin many plans I had with friends and family. Because my anxiety would cause the stress headaches, Sundays were the worst. The “Sunday Scaries” always came with anxiety about the work week coupled with a stress headache that would last throughout the day. My neck and spine were a major problem in this and a leading cause of the stress and anxiety that led to the headaches being such a common occurrence.

I began receiving care from Brannon Family Chiropractic in July 2021 and in just a few short months, I have seen a lot of improvement. I have felt significantly less general neck and back pain, and my stress headaches have lessened to around 1-2 a month, instead of weekly. My anxiety has incredibly improved, and my stress levels have diminished. I am a teacher and a coach, so I stay very busy in a high stress environment and having my stress levels and anxiety diminish the way they have has given me such a healthier disposition and enjoyment of my work and downtime.

I came into Brannon Family Chiropractic to help manage my back and neck pain, never fully expecting all the improvement in my mental health as well. It has been so amazing to see how connected the body truly is and how chiropractic care has improved the way that I feel each day, both physically and mentally.”


Waylon GSeptember 2021
Constipation – Waylon G.



Waylon had been struggling with constipation since he was a baby. Over the years it had just become his normal. It affected how he felt day to day and his appetite.

Before care started, Waylon was only having a bowel movement once a week at best. When he first started coming to BFC, he was beginning to have a bowel movement multiple times a week. Now that it has been a couple of months, he is having one daily. He is overall happier and healthier.

The advice I would give to someone with a similar problem is to give it a chance, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

–Waylon’s Mom–




Miranda FAugust 2021
Stress – Miranda F.


“I was having ongoing low back pain and constant stress and anxiety. My stress was causing me to say no to things I enjoy, like spending time with friends and family. I would be angry if there were any minor changes to plans that I was not aware of.

I am still in the same job and life situation and the demand from me as not changed. However, I noticed after treatment I can walk away from a task and not feel like I have something hanging over my head. I don’t get angry when things change and have been able to offer assistance to other people at work. I’m overall happier and have a better outlook on life.

I wish I would have started treatment sooner. Stick with the treatments, you will not regret it.



Morgan P.July 2021
Horseback Riding – Morgan P.


My toes used to go numb while riding horses. It wasn’t a really painful sensation, more of an annoying feeling. It seriously changed my riding and balance in the saddle.

Now, the numb sensation only comes when I have very long horse rides. It is very mild now when it happens, if it happens at all. I have seen a dramatic change in my riding. My form and endurance have improved dramatically.

Being only 23, I am so glad I started getting this taken care of at a young age and would advise someone with a similar problem to seek chiropractic care as well.


McKenzie M.June 2021
Migraines – McKenzie M.


I was suffering from awful headaches up to 3 times per week – sometimes more. It caused me to isolate myself from my friends and family and even affected my schoolwork.

My mom had been receiving care for about a month before she encouraged me to seek treatment. She was seeing very good results for her own issues, so I had hope.

Now, I almost never get headaches and I’m able to spend more time with friends and family. I feel better than ever! My hope is that I continue to live a pain free life.”


babyMay 2021
Acid Reflux -Xander C.


Xander has had reflux since about 6 weeks old. He would “spit up” every bottle. It was quite painful for him. He couldn’t lie flat in his bed at night, and needed a wedge to prop him up. That wasn’t even fully effective.

After starting care, Xander no longer has reflux. He rarely spits up. We no longer have to be concerned for him to play on his back on the floor, or for him to lie flat in his bed at night. He is a much happier baby overall.

My advice would be to bring babies in for an adjustment at a very early age. The adjustment is so gentle, but makes a huge difference.”


Ashley MApril 2021
Energy – Ashley M.


“I originally had a few problems before coming to BFC. I had severe neck pain, frequent headaches, and constant exhaustion. Before care, I was tired all of the time, regardless of the amount of sleep I got the night before. I had to take frequent naps – and when I say naps, I mean 3–4-hour naps. Even then, I would wake up exhausted.

Beyond alleviating my neck pain, BFC has helped me gain back some time in my life. I did not realize how unproductive a person can be when they are tired all of the time. Naps, especially 4-hour ones, can really cut a day short. Since seeking treatment, I have regained so much of my energy and I have come to realize that feeling bad is not a way of life. I feel like a brand-new version of myself!

I originally sought out treatment for my neck pain; however, it was the other background symptoms that are really affecting my life and well-being. If you feel worn-out and exhausted most of the time, it is likely a problem beyond just life wearing you down.

My advice would be to not just accept exhaustion as a part of life and instead seek out answers that could resolve this problem. BFC can help!”


March 2021
Ear Infections & Bedwetting – Reagan A.


“After years of hesitation, we came seeking relief from chronic ear infections since the age of 3 months old. We have endured 3 sets of tubes and over 20 separate ear infections. When researching chiropractic care for children, we also found it can help with bedwetting. This has also been an area of struggle in our lives.

We did not want to have another ear tube surgery or take any antibiotics. The chronic ear issues not only affected Reagan’s life, but the entire family. A family friend mentioned how she saw Dr. Lindsay and loved her and the whole staff at BFC. I was near tears and thought well, why not? Let’s give it a shot.

Since seeking treatment, Reagan has only had one minor ear infection that was treated by an adjustment and not antibiotics. Reagan has also stopped wearing overnight diapers when she goes to bed and has not had an accident since. She is able to wake up and use the restroom as needed.

We plan on continuing chiropractic care to prevent future ear infections, as well as to keep our entire body healthy!”


February 2021
Plantar Fasciitis – Robby P.


“I was unable to walk due to pain in my feet which was in turn causing low back issues from walking. It also caused a lot of muscle cramps and loss of sleep from the pain. This went on for about 8 months even after seeing my medical doctor and podiatrist. They gave me injections and put me in a walking boot for 9 weeks with no improvements.

Being scared of needles myself, I was very indecisive about treatment. Since I have been doing dry needling, cupping, and regular chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Lindsay I am finally able to walk a lot better with less pain than I have in months! With each treatment I am able to function better.

I would recommend that anyone have the dry needling and cupping treatments done. Do regular stretching exercises and follow the doctor’s advice. Thanks to Dr. Lindsay and staff!


January 2021
Labor & Delivery – Summer S.


“I used to have sharp low back pain. If I would walk for too long or do certain activities such as working out, I would hurt. I would have to lay down to feel a bit of relief. I’m still young and didn’t want to be in pain anymore.

After just a couple of treatments, I saw a difference. I slept better and my energy level went up. When I became pregnant, I continued treatment. I truly believe that chiropractic care helped me during labor and delivery. I was able to achieve my goal of natural child birth.

I recommend Brannon Family Chiropractic to anyone having any type of pain. Be patient, never miss an appointment, and you will see results! Everyone at Brannon Family Chiropractic will treat you like family!


December 2020
Chronic Nerve Pain – Dawn B.


In February 2009 I experienced Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which is basically shingles that line the ear canal, mouth, and throat. The virus severed my seventh cranial nerve leaving the right side of my face paralyzed. I also suffered hearing loss and my tear ducts quit working on that side of my face. I was able to learn how to speak again but all of the other functions remained impaired. In order to restore speech, I had to learn how to use different muscles to control the movements. This caused severe muscle cramps and shooting nerve pain on a constant basis. I tried every relief method available to me and ended up on a low dose of a muscle relaxer, Hydrocodone, and Restasis for tear production daily. My life was a cycle of pain during the day without medication and drug induced relief at night that left me drowsy and unfocused the following morning. The extreme muscle cramps also led to my jaw locking shut with enough force to shatter multiple teeth and cause a fracture to my jaw bone. The repair work on those teeth then caused more issues and the cycle continued. I had essentially resigned myself to this manner of existence. It was brutal and imperfect but I was grateful to at least be able to speak again.

In September of 2019 I was rear-ended by a semi-truck on Nicholasville Road. The pain from the accident brought me to Brannon Family Chiropractic. As time passed and my initial injuries began to heal Dr. Lindsay and I began to talk about what was happening with my face. She asked if she could try dry needling and an adjustment to see if they brought any relief at all. Having tried so many other things before, only to be met with disappointment, I was skeptical to say the least. In the end, I figured there was nothing to lose so I agreed. Dr. Lindsay warned me that things would likely get worse before they improved and I said I would be patient. She wasn’t kidding! Those first few treatments were brutal. Luckily, they did get easier with each visit. After a bit of time, I realized I wasn’t really having many bad days and I could skip the medicine here and there. The improvement continued until I could go without the pain and tear producing medications entirely. If I overworked the muscles and suffered severe fatigue, I had a random bad day but otherwise my pain had nearly resolved. There has also been a small bit of increased feeling and motion to the damaged portion of my face. My dentist, optometrist, and family medical doctors are all excited about the progress being made and are beginning to refer other patients for dry needling and adjustments.

I’ve never actually encountered anyone with a problem quite like mine. Still, I would say my experience would apply to anyone suffering from nerve damage, muscle spasms, low tear production, or chronic pain. Give dry needling and adjustments a try. Decide at the beginning to stick with the process. I promise the benefits in the end will far outweigh the minor discomforts in the beginning.”


November 2020
Golf Swing – Arthur H.

“I had pain in my lower back, a stiff neck, constant pain in my hamstrings, lack of energy, and restless sleep. On a scale of 1-10 I would say my pain was a high 8. It had become painful for me to do normal daily activities. My golf game was no longer fun and it was painful to swing my clubs.

After the first few treatments with Dr. Lindsay, I began to sleep through the night and now wake up pain free and without stiffness. My energy level has improved dramatically, my neck and back pain have subsided, and my golf game is fun again. It really feels great to be able to swing the golf club without any discomfort.

I recommend Brannon Family Chiropractic for anyone having similar symptoms or problems. I was a skeptic my entire life. I was at a point where I had to do something. Fortunately, my neighbor suggested I try Brannon Family Chiropractic and I am now a believer.”

September 2020
Shoulder Pain – Ken T.

“I suffered a painful shoulder injury while riding bikes with my grandsons. It was extremely tender and had limited my ability to move my elbow above my shoulder. I sought the urgent treatment center since the office was not open at that time. I was improving until I re-injured it again three weeks later. I couldn’t lift anything or do anything of a physical nature.

Once coming back to BFC I had a regular appointment as well as got dry needled. My shoulder was hurting, and the needling hurt as well. However, after I was finished I finally was feeling a little relief. I came back a week later for another appointment for dry needling, that is when I started to have significant improvement from the pain and my life began to slowly return to a sense of normalcy.

I never had needling performed before, it gave me significant improvement in only two sessions. If anyone has doubts about the effectiveness of dry needling, I would certainly suggest that it’s worth your invest to give it a shot.”

August 2020
Knee Pain – Thelma N.

“I started coming to BFC for severe back and neck pain and stiffness as well as right knee pain. I was taking four or more Tylenol a day and still was in pain. I was unable to ride or walk any distance; and due to having two heart attacks I was unable to have surgery for either condition. Although I came in for my neck and back, my knee is so much better now!

I am no longer taking Tylenol unless the pain is severe or if it’s a weekend and the office is closed. Only then I am now taking just one Tylenol. I was able to take a weekend trip and ride for three and a half hours, plus do some walking without any pain. Although my knee was not worked on, by getting my back aligned, my knee started to feel better. I was in total awe! This change happened in just three months!

Please try chiropractic care before you opt for other solutions. The best feeling is when you start getting your life back. No matter where you hurt call to get your evaluation.

July 2020
Ear Infections – Ramsey R.

“Ramsey has suffered from chronic ear infections (over 28 infections) since the age of 4 weeks. She has had 3 sets of tubes, adenoids removed and T-tubes surgically placed all before the age of 2. She was in constant pain. Many of our days were spent crying, running fevers and doctor or specialist appointments.

Since beginning to see Dr. Lindsay, she has had one minor ear infection! At the most recent ENT follow up, our doctor said “if seeing a Chiropractor is working, please don’t stop!”

I never thought chiropractic care would help ear infections, and honestly didn’t even know it was an option until mentioning Ramsey’s situation to Dr. Lindsay.  I wish more families knew that chiropractic care really does help! Ramsey loves Dr. Lindsay and looks forward to seeing her. All of the staff at Brannon Family Chiropractic have made Ramsey feel comfortable and welcome! They meet her at her point of need and even give her a sticker or two!”

June 2020
Acid Reflux – Clay A.

“I suffered with inflammation and acid reflux among other muscular issues before attending BFC. I felt overwhelmed with the many issues I had and thought it wouldn’t be possible to alleviate all of my symptoms. I had to deal with these issues daily and it made it hard to relax at the end of each day.

Since sticking to a program at BFC each symptom has disappeared. I haven’t had acid reflux in over a year and I rarely get inflammation. I can dance again!

I would recommend that new patients honor the doctors plan because some issues take time and a strict schedule. It worked for me and I was skeptical.”

March 2020
Anxiety – Donita B.

“I have been diagnosed with anxiety. My anxiety made it extremely difficult to carry out day to day tasks. It interfered with my quality of life. I would have panic attacks. I would become very irritable and was always stressed out. I suffered from headaches, excessive neck, and shoulder pain. I also had difficulty sleeping due to the pain I was experiencing.

I can honestly say that after being under Dr. Lindsay’s care I can see a huge improvement in how I feel. I don’t have stress headaches anymore. The shoulder tightness and neck pain has decreased dramatically. I am a lot more calm and am able to sleep through the night. My quality of life has definitely improved.

I would definitely recommend seeing a chiropractor! It is a natural way to combat anxiety. I was looking at adding more daily medication to decrease my anxiety. I am not a fan of taking a lot of medication. Since I started my treatment with Dr. Lindsay I did not have to take additional medication to control my anxiety. I feel so much better and my quality of life has definitely increased!”

February 2020
More Energy – Macy B.

“I am a 16 year old junior in high school. I originally came to BFC because I was in an automobile accident. My mother and I were on our way home and got rear-ended by a semi. I started chiropractic care to heal my injuries and post-accident pain. I had constant pain in my neck and often headaches. I also often had trouble sleeping and low energy.

After about a month I could already feel a difference. My headaches subsided and my sleeping schedule began to become more constant. One big thing I noticed a change in was my energy. I take part in theatre, competitive show choir and four other choirs. This means my schedule maintains a constant flow of busyness. My energy levels began to rise and my schedule got easier and easier to keep up with. I also start my mornings with dance, and I have noticed my movements to become more graceful and fluid.

I highly recommend attending BFC, as they have changed my life in nothing but positive ways. The staff is friendly, caring and attentive. I am forever grateful for all they have done and look forward to more progress in the future.

January 2020
Sciatica – Margie B.

“My original problem was debilitating sciatic pain. I would barely walk and could hardly sleep. I would stay awake every night trying to relieve the sciatic pain.

Nothing worked. I felt way older than my years and was uncertain of my future.

Since finding Brannon Family Chiropractic and following Dr. Lindsay’s advice, I am now 100% pain free. I no longer experience ANY sciatic pain and I owe it all to this office. Before coming here, I also experienced frequent headaches and some indigestion and that has all gone away.

I cannot stress enough how much this treatment has changed my life. They truly are miracle workers and I would recommend this office to anyone experiencing sciatic pain. I know how bad it can be and now know that there is help here at Brannon Family Chiropractic.”


December 2019
TMJ Dysfunction – Winter D.

“When I first started coming to BFC I had TMJ pain on both sides. It was pretty bad- it would hurt to eat, or to even talk sometimes. It also caused me to develop migraines.

I had previously seen multiple specialists for this condition and was only offered the option of surgery. No professional ever recommended having it adjusted.

Since beginning care, my TMJ has improved significantly and I’m now able to carry out normal everyday functions!

Regular TMJ adjustments and dry needling treatments have worked great for me. I would recommend anyone having similar problems to give it a try!

November 2019
Balance and Stability – Kristen J.

“When I started coming into BFC I was having balance and stability issues that were causing me to slip or fall, especially on uneven ground. It was so bad that at one point I sprained both my ankles at once!

Since coming to BFC, I now know that there was a real reason for my balance issues – my hips were over 10⁰ different! With Dr. K’s help, worked to correct my alignment and I am glad to not be falling all over the place anymore!

Don’t wait to seek help! I waited over a year and wish I would have started sooner to correct the issue!”

October 2019
Ankle Pain – Elan B.

“I started coming into BFC with ankle pain. It was 100 bad! It hurt to walk. I couldn’t ride my bike. It was hard to keep up with my friends. I could only play with them if I walked.

My problem has changed because my ankle doesn’t hurt now. I can now run, walk, sprint, skip, and ride my bike faster!

Go to the Chiropractor! You will love it, it feels sooo good!”

September 2019
Chronic Pain – Erica S.

“I started riding horses at age 5, and have taken my share of tumbles over the years! A couple particularly bad falls in my early 20’s left me with chronic neck pain that, impacted my life even more than I realized at the time. I thought the constant stiffness, inflammation, and resulting headaches—there were days I couldn’t turn my head or I would spend a significant amount of time lying down with ice packs on my head—was normal. My mid- and lower-back pain and knee pain, were a nagging and annoying part of daily life, as well. I didn’t do much exercise outside of horse care and riding due to the pain and fatigue it caused. I figured these issues were simply part of a strenuous sport coupled with getting older, but it was all part of that vicious pain cycle that I couldn’t break and had learned to live with.

The first few months were intense, but it wasn’t long before I started noticing less pain and stiffness in my neck and back. I could move more freely, I wasn’t getting headaches nearly as often, and I had significantly more energy. Now, nearly a year later, I can count the number of “sore neck days” I’ve had in 2019 on one hand, and I wonder how I ever lived like that every day!

I’m more centered in the saddle now that my body is properly aligned, I’m pain-free to the point I’ve started working out in a high-intensity interval training program four to five days a week, and Dr. K has even used dry needling to help significantly reduce my knee pain. It’s quite shocking, really, how much putting time and effort into attending appointments has improved my quality of life.

I encourage my friends and family with chronic pain to give chiropractic a shot! It’s done wonders for me, it absolutely has the potential to do wonders for you! I don’t know how I lived without it for so long, and now my wonderful friends at BFC are stuck with me for the long haul!

August 2019
Clogged Ears – Heather M.

“After having my third child, I developed a consistent dull pain in my lower back as well as my ear feeling like it was constantly clogged. After many months of trying to ignore the pain and taking Advil, I reached out to my doctor. She didn’t provide much help and blamed my pain on carrying my toddler and baby. As far as my ear, they didn’t see any infection so they said, I was fine. After time, it got to the point that my pain was so severe, that I would wake up in the middle of the night in tears and lay on the floor, praying the pain would go away. I was not enjoying spending time with my family and playing with my kids because I was so uncomfortable. Working as a teacher was just as difficult because I was always on my feet and would have to deal with the stress of my job on top of being in pain.

After talking with some close friends about my issues, I decided to reach out to Dr. Lindsay and give chiropractic care a try. Within weeks, I felt relief that I had lost hope for. My back pain was less frequent, and my ears were unclogged for the first time in over a year. Now I can get down on the floor and play with my kids and have zero pain. I sleep so much better and feel great when I wake up in the mornings.

My advice to anyone with similar problems is not to wait to give chiropractic care a try. My only regret through this entire process is not starting it sooner.

July 2019
Low Back Pain – Megan M.

“I’ve experienced lower back pain for the better part of 6 years. After having several doctors tell me that there was nothing wrong and accepting the pain as my “new normal”. I decided to give chiropractic care a try. My job as a preschool teacher is very physically demanding and I was tired of the pain holding me back.

Since beginning care, I feel like a completely different person. I feel more energized and ready to take on the day with my kiddos. Even my mom has commented on how she’s noticed a change.

Don’t be like me and wait! Pain should not be a normal or a constant in your life! Dr. K and the all staff here at BFC are so friendly and have changed my life for the better.”

June 2019
Shoulder Tendonitis – Courtney M.

“Shortly after getting married, I developed bad pain in my left shoulder. I figured it was moving things and sleeping in a new bed, but after a month of pain and limited mobility, I went to my doctor. After a shot for the pain, an x-ray, an MRI (and a high medical bill), I was diagnosed with tendonitis. Being left handed and a teacher, this pain really hindered my life and my job. I could only sleep a certain way without pain, I was always taking medication to help it, and I needed help doing small and simple things. My life was limited.

I actually began coming to BFC for neck and shoulder pain, giving up completely on anything helping my tendonitis. After about six weeks of care, I noticed my shoulder pain was gone; not lessened, not lighter- completely gone! I was able to do all the things I had been unable to do. I can lift things, go back to the hobbies I once loved, work with no limits, and am, most importantly, PAIN FREE!

My advice to anyone experiencing pain is to not settle. Living with pain is not a normal part of life! Going to my primary care physician was a temporary fix. Visiting the chiropractor was a step on the path to lifetime health. At BFC, they care about my progress, my results, and celebrate with me as I recover. Dr. Kasik and the entire BFC staff genuinely care about their patients.”

May 2019
Overall Health – Blair K.

“Before visiting BFC, I was having intense low back pain. Being 27 years old, I knew I needed to do something in order to help with the debilitating pain. This pain was affecting my everyday life- simple tasks such as sitting at my desk for long periods of time, bending over to pick something up, etc, I found to be so painful.

Since beginning care with Dr. Lindsay, I have been able to return to normal everyday life without a debilitating issue. Not only has my low back pain drastically improved; but I have seen improvements in my overall health and boosts of energy. I’ve also been able to have sound sleep and improved my posture. I keep referring BFC to others as I want them to invest in their health the same way I have.

Don’t continue to ignore the pain and think it’s normal; go to BFC and learn how you can improve your health today! You won’t regret it!”

April 2019
Acid Reflux “Guckies” – Sophia S.

“Sophia has had reflux all her life. She never complained because she didn’t know any different. She developed a habit of a funny throat noise as it grew worse and it started to affect her sleep.

Since beginning care, Sophia states that her “guckies” are all gone. She no longer makes throat noises or complain of the reflux coming all the way up anymore.

I wish we had done it sooner. She didn’t complain, but she wasn’t okay. It only took a couple months of consistent care to clear it up!

Totally worth it!”

March 2019
Digestive Pain and Sleeplessness – Natalie S.

“Natalie has suffered from digestive problems since she was two weeks old. The worst pain was at night, and it kept her awake and crying for several hours. We tried many food eliminations and different routines, but nothing helped.

Since beginning care, Natalie has seen drastic improvements. Along with diet, her care here has allowed her to sleep through the night regularly now for the first time in her three years of life. She isn’t in as much pain and is more rested.

Try the diet changes, but do it as a part of a care plan.

Don’t give up, it takes time!”

February 2019
Driving Long Distances – Sandy G.

“I came to Brannon Family Chiropractic because I had suffered for many years with severe muscle tension, migraines and neck pain. I drive often to North Carolina to visit family, over 500 miles one way. Afterwards, I would be completely exhausted and in a lot of pain.

Today the muscle tension and neck pain are GONE! The migraines are GONE! My energy is back. I can drive to NC and not be in pain or exhausted (doing the happy dance)

I suffered for so long being in pain and accepted that this was my “normal”. I was SO wrong. My advice is for anyone dealing with any kind of pain, visit Brannon Family Chiropractic. Dr. Kasik is GREAT! The staff is AWESOME!”

January 2019
Ear Infections – Frank, Levi’s Dad


“Levi had three ear infections when he was less than a year old. For about two months straight the pediatrician gave him antibiotics. Between the antibiotics and the ear infections he ran a fever, couldn’t sleep and was in some level of consistent pain.

Levi is now 3 and half years old and has had only one ear infection since his first treatment. Even the last infection only lasted about one day. That is a BIG change considering his pediatrician said he needed to get tubes put in his ears to get better.

Before you take the recommendation to get tubes put in your child’s ears let BFC see if they can help you!”

December 2018
Newborn Latching When Nursing – Hanneh A.

“I originally came to BFC because my 6 month old was not latching to my right breast when nursing and I had to use a nipple shield for the left. It was very frustrating because I was unable to feed her unless I was sitting up in my rocking chair at home. When leaving my house, I HAD to have a bottle with me to feed in public. It made life stressful and I was depressed. I felt like a bad mom because I couldn’t produce for my daughter. Now, I can feed her anywhere and not stress about milk and having a bottle with me.

Just after that first adjustment, she INSTANTLY latched on the right and no longer wants to use the nipple shield. This has changed my life because I am no longer restricted to nursing in the nursery at night. I can bring her back to bed with me, where we can both relax and get better rest.

I would suggest seeking care to anyone with a similar issue. Being able to feed my child has strengthened our bond and I wish I had come in sooner!!”

November 2018
Bladder Problems – Shirley L.

“I originally came to BFC with shoulder, back and neck pain from a car accident I was in. I had to cut back on things I loved, like gardening and mowing. But mostly importantly, I couldn’t play with my grandkids anymore!

Since starting care, not only has my pain lessened, but my bladder issues have improved as well. I can go out of the house now. No more uncomfortable and embarrassing accidents! I am off medication and the problem is NOT a problem anymore! IT’S AMAZING!

Give it a try. It has worked for me. It just may help you enjoy your life a little more. Not worrying about going out with the bladder problem means I’m more relaxed and get to enjoy my time!”

October 2018
Pregnancy – Aletha C.

“I started coming to BFC because I was having the usual back pain, hip pain and constant need to go to the bathroom during my pregnancy.

With coming regularly, it helped keep the baby’s head down and eased back and hip discomfort. My births were so easy because my pelvis and spine were aligned!! Six hours from the first contraction to the birth!

Our family rarely goes to the medical doctor. Mostly just for checkups, but we come to BFC every month. The kids get help with ear infections or if they fell off a chair awkwardly. My husband gets help with neck and shoulder pain from crouching at the computer and I get care for bad posture from breastfeeding or back aches from carelessly picking up the baby too quickly.

Stay on the offensive with your health both during and post pregnancy by coming to get adjusted. And bring the whole family along once the baby arrives! Prevention is always the best remedy!”

September 2018
Headaches – Mike P.

“I have had headaches associated with neck pain for several years. It stopped me from enjoying doing yard work and everyday activities with my family.

Since the beginning of my treatment plan I have noticed far less neck pain and I hardly ever have headaches anymore. I’m able to work outside again and enjoy doing it.

Come and see the doctors here at BFC. They know what they’re doing! They have made such a positive difference in my life!“

August 2018
Tinnitus – Adam G.

“Over the past 10 years of my life I have tolerated the constant ringing in my left ear that is called tinnitus. I have also suffered from hearing loss in that ear. This condition is so severe that has affected my sleep cycles and everything bad that comes from not getting quality sleep.

Since the beginning of my care I have noticed that my hearing in my left ear is starting to come back, as well as being able to get a good nights sleep. My care has led to more restful nights and being able to better deal with my condition. I can now hear people at the mall that I was unable to do before without the ringing.

Go see your friendly Brannon Family Chiropractic physicians!”

July 2018
Anxiety – Jennifer M.

“I’ve been a patient at BFC for several years, they have helped my aging back stay healthy. An incidental remark to Dr. Kasik before treatment one afternoon changed my life! I was facing a road trip out of town for the first time in several years and I confessed to her that I was terrified to go. I was practically paralyzed with the fear of driving a long distance into a large city on my own. I was a mess! (What I didn’t say was that I had cancelled a trip one year prior due to the same fear) Her gentle reply was that chiropractic has been known to help with anxiety and just like that, it did!

That first adjustment was affective immediately! I walked to my car and felt excited about my upcoming adventure rather than terrified. I was able to make the trip, experience the conference and enjoy every minute of the journey. We have made “anxiety adjustments” a regular part of my visits to BFC, which helps me keep the darkness at bay. I still have moments of anxiety, because life is full of things, which can bring you down. Now I know how to combat those feelings. My outlook is much brighter.

Tell your chiropractor! Don’t suffer. Don’t seek “medication”. Don’t live in fear of living! Get an adjustment and get on with a happy life!”

May 2018
Horseback Riding – Autumn C.

“I originally came in for poor posture and neck pain. I had problems sleeping and engaging poorly in the saddle while riding since my hips were uneven. This affected my life negatively for sleep and when trying to excel in dressage riding. I was always stiff, hard on my body, could feel myself slouching and leaning in the saddle.”

Since coming to BFC I’ve noticed a huge change in posture and standing up straight. It’s easy now! I have more balance and connection in the saddle and a happier horse!

Listen to you body. Stretch and ice as much as possible while going to the chiropractor. I was clueless on how my body was hurting until I came to BFC.”

April 2018
Visual Acuity – Miles J.

“I originally came in for horrid pain in my back and hip. I almost could not get out of bed on my own. I was worried that I may have to get a wheel chair. Standing up was the worst.

Since beginning care I am getting my mobility back. The pain has been greatly reduced. It has given me a new outlook on my daily routine and life. Amazingly enough my vision has improved as well! I am able to read street signs during the day and night much better than I have in the past two years! It is less of a struggle now and helpful as an art teacher to see better again!

You can’t go on forever with the pain. There is relief with the right treatment and changes at home as well!”

March 2018
Autism – Polly’s Mom

“We came to BFC seeking help for our 10-year-old daughter who would complain about pain in her belly every day. It affected her every day life, school, physical activities and her mood.

Only after a few visits we noticed that our daughter would complain less about her stomach pain and she became more active and social. She had a better appetite and a better mood. Not only did it help her belly pain, but it was able to help with autism, her speech was much better as well as being social.

No child deserves to be in pain. That is why we chose to come to BFC!”

February 2018
Energy – Phyllis B.

“I had terrible neck, mid-back, and lower back pain which caused me to be unable to do many day-to-day chores and errands. I also seemed to be exhausted after just a few hours of work.

Since beginning treatment, I am able to do my chores without constant pain. I also have much more energy and I can actually breathe much better. I’ve been able to work in my flower garden for the first time in 2 years! AMAZING!!!

Please, please don’t suffer pain and fail to do the things you need to do or love to do because of it. You don’t have to miss out on life, it’s too short and precious to waste. Feel good again like I do!”

January 2018
Sleeping Problems – McKinley

“McKinley stopped sleeping through the night at around 11 weeks old and would NEVER nap through the day at all. She would be extremely fussy all day from being so tired, but just wouldn’t sleep.

Since starting care at BFC, she started sleeping through the night again and napping for a few hours daily. This has made for a much happier baby (and momma)!

I would highly suggest for everyone of any age to get adjusted! It will change your life and make for many more positive days!”

-McKinley’s Mom

December 2017
Shin Splints – Cindy D.

“I used to get shin splits any time I tried to run. It prevented me from running long distances or running without having to walk frequently. Any time I did try to push myself, I would be sore for days and unable to run multiple days in a row. I always wanted to run in races but was unable to.

Since seeking care at BFC, I have been able to increase my endurance because my shins no longer bother me at all! I have run in multiple races, even finishing 2nd in my age group for one of those races. I can run 3 days in a row with no pain in my shins, and run much farther than I ever thought I could.

I wish I had gotten chiropractic care sooner to help with this problem. I spent so much time in pain and sitting out races when I could have been enjoying myself. Its an easy fix to a problem that can really impact your daily life if ignored.”

November 2017
Dysphagia – James M.

“When I first came into BFC I couldn’t bend over fully, which caused problems with my job and everyday life. I wasn’t active with my child, I was performing poorly at work and spent the majority of my time on the couch. It would take me half an hour to just get out of bed to go to work, I would just push through the pain and did what I had to do to get through the day.

Since beginning care at BFC, I found out that all my problems were causing other issues, such as difficulty swallowing and choking. Just after TWO WEEKS, my low back felt like it did was I was 20 and it became easier to swallow without getting food stuck. Not only did BFC fix my back, they brought enjoyment back to eating, and took the fear away from choking! Without BFC I would still be in the same condition, mustering through the pain as I have for years.

Don’t hesitate! Get in and at least receive a consultation. Dr. Lindsay and the staff of BFC will definitely have you walking down the right path!”

October 2017
Injury Due To Imbalance – Taylor S.

“I had a microdiscectomy to correct a bulging disc 2 ½ years ago. A year later I tore my left Achilles, which put me in a boot. After fully recovering from my back surgery I now found myself standing out of alignment every day because the boot was 3 inches higher than any shoe. Not surprisingly, I returned to exercising when I got out of the boot, the back pain returned.

I am not through with my treatment plan yet and I have little to no back pain. I am working back in to running and crossfit carefully and it feels great. I am able to sit at work comfortably and pick up my daughter. Overall, I am in a much better place than when I first started.

Do not be reluctant to see a chiropractor like I was. I should have come in before my back started hurting. You do not have to feel pain before you know something is wrong. A lot of people get injured and don’t realize that you have to work even harder to recover. Chiropractic care is part of that recovery process and should be started ASAP!”

September 2017
Chronic Lower Back Pain – James S.

James S“Since I was young I have had terrible lower back pain, so much constant pain that simply touching it was excruciating. For the next 15 years I simply tried to ignore it and not let it affect my daily life, but my back would go out a few times a year.

Since beginning care at BFC my back gives me next to no trouble at all!!! I can go through my daily routines without the pain shutting me down. I can enjoy life in every aspect without the worry of how I’ll feel the next day or how long it will take me to recover.

Brannon Family Chiropractic has given me my life back! A life that I never knew existed because I had accepted pain as a normal aspect of daily living. You don’t have to live in pain, there are solutions, Brannon Family Chiropractic is mine!!!”

August 2017
Allergies – Laura M.

“When beginning care at BFC I had suffered from chronic allergies and multiple ear infections throughout my life. After trying multiple medications and home remedies my mom brought me to the chiropractor.

After beginning care the differences in my symptoms were almost immediate. I was breathing and sleeping better, I also felt like I had more energy, which made my summer break even more fun.

I would encourage anyone suffering from allergies, young or old, to visit the chiropractor. I’m proof that it does help.”

July 2017
Torticollis – Miles J.

Miles J“My name is Miles and I have suffered from a condition called torticollis since birth. Torticollis has made me see the world around me sideways, but after visiting BFC, I am seeing the world around me at a much better angle.

After just one visit at BFC I can move my head in ways that I have never been able to in my whole 9 months. My sleeping has improved as my muscles have relaxed and I can hold my head straight now so the world around me looks completely different.

I think every person, big or small, should visit the chiropractor; it really has changed my life and I’m sure it can change yours.”

June 2017
Balance Issues – Briggs C.

“After years of the usual remedy of pills, prescriptions, and multiple visits to doctor’s offices I had had enough. With references from 3 people who see the chiropractor, I scheduled with BFC.

The 1st visit was really getting to know me and get a good understanding on my issues (low back pain, neck pain, and balance issues). The staff really took their time in explaining all aspects of chiropractic care to me. The staff recommended a treatment plan specific to my problems and then wanted to check my progress.

At my first progress check the differences were amazing. I was experiencing lower levels of pain and had regained my balance. Now through regular maintenance care I have regained approximately 90% of my normal activities. I highly recommend anyone with similar issues to mine to try BFC, they don’t disappoint.”

May 2017
TMJ – Randy R.

“One evening last July, I experienced an acute case of TMJ following a simple yawn. Trying to close my mouth without severe discomfort was difficult. The right side of my jaw was very tender to the touch and my bite was off.

My first thought was to contact BFC. I had been a patient in the past and they always treated me as family and helped me live a better more comfortable life. After my first visit the pain was noticeably less and only a few subsequent visits and my pain was completely gone. I am happy to report that I have suffered no recurrence since.

I have been a long time believer in regular chiropractic care for optimal health. The care I have received from BFC and the staff have only served to reaffirm my conviction. I greatly appreciate the attention I receive each visit, whether I am being seen for a particular condition or simply health maintenance. My thanks for BFC and all the staff for the role each one has played in providing me the opportunity to enjoy a healthier life.”

April 2017
Flexibility – Brian B.

“Constant aching in my low back, shoulder, and hands led me to try chiropractic. With all the restricted motion and flexibility, I thought old age had finally crept up on me. My aches and pains kept me from playing at a high level of professional golf along with missing activities I enjoy with my wife; gardening, hiking, farming.

The most remarkable thing that I have found since beginning care is it wasn’t old age at all. Within my treatment plan all my discomfort has diminished, my range of motion is back to normal, and I am standing straighter than I have in a really long time. The enjoyment of my life has been given back to me not to mention an added 15yds to my golf swing. My focus has increased in professional golf because I can pay attention to my game instead of constantly thinking of the pain.

I would seek out chiropractic care first before seeing a general doctor to see if the relationship of your back and body can be taken care of holistically instead of simply treating the symptoms.”

March 2017
Whiplash – Vicky C.

vicky“I started care at BFC because of severe neck and shoulder pain that never seemed to ease up. I also couldn’t remember the last time that my head didn’t hurt due to the neck pain. The pain was very limiting not only at the gym but in my everyday tasks such as washing my hair or changing clothes.

After beginning care, I no longer feel the constant neck and shoulder pain. The daily headache is gone. I no longer stress about taking a shower because of the pain it will cause, and I’m no longer restricted to the type of exercises I do to strengthen my body. I feel amazing, the lack of pain has also renewed my energy levels.

I would advise anyone dealing with similar issues to seek out and make the time for the care. The education provided to me about my condition has been phenomenal! It has truly made a very large impact on how I feel, both physically and mentally. I can’t thank BFC enough.”

February 2017
Vertigo – Paula L.

paula-l“Coming to BFC I had a previous diagnosis of postural vertigo caused by allergies. MRI’s and CT’s ruled out any other cause of the dizziness. With occasional nausea associated with vertigo resulted in missed work and the inability to drive. The episodes where interfering with my life.

After beginning treatment, the episodes have almost completely stopped and with an adjustment I am immediately relieved on the spot. My lifestyle has completely changed with no worry of a surprise attack and days of me staying home. The lack of confidence and peace of mind have been eliminated by the fact that I chose BFC. I am so thrilled to have eliminated this problem. The staff at BFC were able to calm the fears I had when choosing this route of treatment.

People suffering from vertigo should make BFC their first choice when selecting a treatment. The education provided at BFC helps the patient understand your problem and all treatments. Don’t suffer another minute when you can be helped at BFC. You won’t be disappointed and you will feel better than you ever have in your life. I tell everyone that I meet about BFC. It’s true, their patients say they are the best”

January 2017
Loss of Energy – Paula B.

paula-b“My original complaint was pain, aching, discomfort between my shoulder blades, arms, hands, neck, and lower back. Constant discomfort was affecting every area of my life including my business. I was irritable, had no energy, couldn’t sleep but a few hours a night due to numbness and weakness in my arms and hands.

Since beginning care all my symptoms had been relieved. My irritability and depression have lifted, and I feel a great sense of wellbeing. I am no longer in pain and I am sleeping soundly throughout the night. The numbness in my arms and hands is gone and I am surprised at how much strength I have now. My energy levels are up and I am now getting things done that I have put off for way too long. I am a new person and I am enjoying my life again.

I would encourage anyone to seek help as you do not have to live in constant pain and irritability. I would recommend making an appointment with BFC. The staff is dedicated to helping everyone feel better and will listen carefully, and create the perfect plan of action specifically for your problem. You will feel right at home. Make an appointment now, it will change your life.”

December 2016
Low Back Pain – Brent S.

brent-s“Before BFC, bending over and standing up straight caused me tremendous pain in my low back. Every day activities were difficult to perform. After dealing with the pain for an extended time I decided to try chiropractic.

Since beginning care my life has changed only for the better. I am no longer in pain and I’m back to living my normal life. I can exercise again without excruciating pain.

After seeing my results my only advice to someone with the same condition is go to BFC, the staff are great, and it works.”

October 2016
Asthma – Dana H.

asthma-dana“Having asthma is a scary thing, one moment you are breathing fine and the next you are struggling to breathe. Medications, both long term and rescue inhalers, become a part of your daily life.

I found that I immediately began breathing normally when my spine was properly aligned. I can now tell when my next appointment is close due to labored breathing.

I have told my best friend about how chiropractic adjustments have helped me with my symptoms. I would recommend Brannon Family Chiropractic to anyone who has allergies or asthma to seek chiropractic care.”

September 2016
Scoliosis – Ashley D.


“After having 2 children my low back and neck pain became increasingly difficult to ignore. I had suffered from severe scoliosis for 25+ years it was so bad that I was required to wear a back brace as a child. Surgery was an option but I opted to live with the pain. It affected my daily life to the point that holding my children and sleeping were both problematic for me.

The staff here were careful to diagnose and suggest a treatment method for my condition, other offices I had been to had never given me hope to do more than mange my pain. After my 1st week of treatment, I noticed improvement in my muscle tenseness and sleeping pattern. 2 months into treatment my husband even commented on how he could see a visible improvement with the curve in my back. What I had lived with for so long had improved in only a matter of months.

I highly recommend BFC and am extremely grateful for the expertise and encouragement I have received along my path to a better quality of life. Life without constant pain can be and is a reality for me; with the help of this excellent staff.”

August 2016
Headaches – Caleb S.


“I had frequent headaches, they were really bad. Going in public was hard for me because crowded places were too loud. That made going places painful.

My headache attacks are rare now. Chiropractic has helped me out a lot. Now, I can go a lot of places I couldn’t go before.

For anyone suffering from headaches, I would tell them to come to BFC for help. I think they’d be helped.”

July 2016
Dysphagia – Danielle P.

Danielle-P“I had trouble swallowing for years. It didn’t matter if it was food or a drink; I often had to swallow more than once to get it down. I was constantly choking; it was very uncomfortable and sometimes a bit embarrassing.

After following the recommendations from the staff at BFC I can now eat and drink without the fear of choking. Now I’m no longer embarrassed out in public and I’m not spitting my drinks all over my dates.

In the beginning of my care I didn’t mention my symptoms to my doctor. I knew what I was experiencing wasn’t normal but it wasn’t until after my trouble swallowing went away that I learned what I had been experiencing for years is actually a disorder called dysphagia. Chiropractic adjustments will help with symptoms other than pain!!!”