Ryan B.

I had suffered with anxiety and stress headaches for many years. Multiple times a month I would have trouble sleeping and wake up with stress headaches from my neck to my forehead. I spent many days tired from lack of sleep or no sleep at all. The stress headaches would come on at all hours of the day and could ruin many plans I had with friends and family. Because my anxiety would cause the stress headaches, Sundays were the worst. The “Sunday Scaries” always came with anxiety about the work week coupled with a stress headache that would last throughout the day. My neck and spine were a major problem in this and a leading cause of the stress and anxiety that led to the headaches being such a common occurrence.

I began receiving care from Brannon Family Chiropractic in July 2021 and in just a few short months, I have seen a lot of improvement. I have felt significantly less general neck and back pain, and my stress headaches have lessened to around 1-2 a month, instead of weekly. My anxiety has incredibly improved, and my stress levels have diminished. I am a teacher and a coach, so I stay very busy in a high stress environment and having my stress levels and anxiety diminish the way they have has given me such a healthier disposition and enjoyment of my work and downtime.

I came into Brannon Family Chiropractic to help manage my back and neck pain, never fully expecting all the improvement in my mental health as well. It has been so amazing to see how connected the body truly is and how chiropractic care has improved the way that I feel each day, both physically and mentally.


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