Mikki F.

My chiropractic story begins when I started working here at Brannon Family Chiropractic. I suffered my whole life with terrible migraines. I remember being in high school, walking to the bus stop with a migraine that had been ongoing for 3 days in a row. My migraines would be so intense that it would make me miss out on events and activities I truly wanted to be a part of. Unfortunately, I ended missing out on a lot. At the time, the only thing that helped was to sleep it off.

Now that I am migraine free, life is fun! I don’t have to wake up in pain or wonder if I will have a migraine today. Being migraine free is more important to me now more than ever! I have an amazing 11-year-old boy to keep up with and I don’t want to ever miss out on any of his special life events again.

My advice to everyone is SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!! Tell everyone about chiropractic care! Most people just don’t know what Chiropractic can do for them. Not to mention it’s side effect free! Dr. Lindsay is amazing and changed my life.

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