Khai S.

“Khai was born 2 months early and spent 2 months in the NICU, so he was always in his bed unless he was being cared for. When we brought him home, we noticed he was holding his neck to the right constantly. It was so bad that his cheek would rest on his shoulder, and he would sleep with his neck in the same position. He was always uncomfortable and only pooping once a week!

Since starting care at Brannon Family Chiropractic, Khai can now hold his head up, turn it from side to side, and he will sleep with his head to the left. He was always in pain and uncomfortable but since he has been getting adjusted, he poops every day and sleeps through the night now.

Advice I would give to parents who have children with similar issues is to give chiropractic care a shot. You will not regret it! Happy baby = happy mommy!”

-Khai’s Mom


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