Mary W.

“My shoulder and arm hurt for months before I came to Brannon Family Chiro. I just woke up one morning with a “crick in my neck” and then I had constant nerve pain from my neck down my arm and into my hand on the right side. I tried many remedies that were completely ineffective: steroids, over the counter medications, massage, yoga, heat and ice packs. It got so bad, that when I had to use a mouse for computer work, it felt like the mouse was shocking me! It was all I could do to fight tears while I typed and tried to ice my arm at the same time!

After being in intense pain for months, I was irritable & exhausted! Both chores and hobbies were too much for me and I put them off until “later, when I feel better”, which never happened. I went to a different chiropractor here in town but got no relief. They gave me adjustments, physical therapy sessions and put me in a machine to stretch my neck. They also sold me a $300 neck brace that I have never tried.

Coming to Brannon Family Chiro was completely life changing! Dr. Esau is the ONLY chiropractor that I’ve seen that studied my x-rays, made measurements and actually showed me what was causing my pain and had a plan to relieve the source of my problem! Her first adjustment helped tremendously, but of course, the body will go back to its bad habits and it took more than one adjustment to get me “straightened out”.

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