Crystal L.

“I have experienced low back issues since I was a teenager, but it was neck pain that brought me to see Dr. Lindsay. I was having excruciating stiffness and discomfort and was barely able to turn my head to check traffic while driving. It also affected my shoulders and upper back, and I felt perpetually tense and uncomfortable.

Since starting care, I have experienced an incredible amount of relief and enjoyed tremendous positive gains since I walked through the doors of Brannon Family Chiropractic in December 2021. My range of motion is very much improved, and I feel physically good for the first time in years! Since I’ve been coming in for regular adjustments, I have also experienced a boost in overall mental health, and even my digestion is better.

I would recommend the amazing staff here at BFC to anyone experiencing similar discomfort. With time, patience, and dedication to a treatment plan, wellness and best possible health are absolutely attainable!”

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