Jennifer C.

“Advice I would give to someone is to follow the treatment plan and try new things. I wasn’t sure the Posture Pump would work, but I tried it and it’s helping significantly! I wasn’t sure about dry needling, but once I started having sessions I realized immediate pain relief and mobility improvement. I wasn’t sure about E-FlamX but I feel better head to toe after starting it. Our providers have your best interest at heart and they’re here to help you move from pain to pain-free.”

“It’s hard to pinpoint one problem. I hurt all over and I hurt all the time. I didn’t realize how much I hurt until I didn’t hurt any longer. My range of motion was terrible, I could barely look over my shoulder to back out of parking spaces and personal care activities were challenging. I thought my lower back was the biggest issue but my mid-back and neck were identified as problem areas, too.

I am shocked at how much better I feel, all day every day! I am able to move freely and easily. I’m driving safely, able to look over my shoulder to check for traffic. My posture is much improved. I’m sleeping better and feeling more positive and less stressed. I have dealt with plantar fasciitis for more than 10 years but after a few sessions of dry needling, I have significant relief from pain. I am able to be active again and am able to walk with my husband.”

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